Monday, November 17, 2008

First BMPs for the prototype game are finished.

So anyone in the close family will no doubt be aware that my brother and his lovely wife have been on me about creating a game development company.

It's a little tricky for me since I'm already in the industry, which means that technically anything I create will be owned by my employer, THQ.

For this reason I have sort of been taking the "if we're going to do this, we're going to have to do this the right way". And I've been sort of coaching Raleigh on the business side of things. Things like Design documents and so forth.

Raleigh wasn't really content to wait for things like design docs or even taking a programming class and has amazingly begun teaching himself Flash programming in his off time from his normal job as a helicopter pilot.

After perusing some links sent over to him by Myself and Schulemeister Raleigh had tinkered around enough that he had something to post up on Kongregate.

Despite the fact that it was an very early prototype, I was shocked and impressed that he had put something together so quickly and based on nothing more than what he had taught himself.

After that I could no longer maintain neutrality and his constant harassment was starting to have an effect. So, I have started this blog as a place that he, emma, and any eventual contributors can add stories, how tos, and posts about the development of the first Arnold brothers game.

The game that Raleigh has up now is obviously not that game. It samples pretty heavily from a certain Sci Fi series that he and Emma are big fans of. Our next project will be totally original. This first project is just a "get your feet" wet type educational experiment.

Having said that, I can reveal to you the first piece of art that I have finished for the Arnold Brothers Software. It is the sprite art for the "Enemy Ship".

I started with this diagram:

From there I created a line drawing:

And after some paint bucketing, I ended up with what you see below:

Keep watching this space for further updates on the next game from Arnold Brothers Software.


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